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VigRX Plus – A Personal Review

My first attempt at trying VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets happened mainly because it was endorsed by widely renowned doctor – Dr. Steven Lamm. We all are aware that he has authored the bestselling book on the topic of penis enhancement known as ‘The Hardness Factor’. I can tell you for sure that it is one of the best books you will lay your hands on the topic of male sexuality. Apart from that phenomenal success, he has also been featured on several popular television shows, including the widely watched ‘Oprah and The View’.

As per Dr Steven Lamm, the manufacturers of VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets have made sure that they included the most natural and strongest ingredients that have ever been known to enhance the male sexual performance. Their product has come after rigorous scientific experimentation and research. The result is in the form of formula that is undoubtedly capable of helping men throughout the world, provided they use these pills responsibly and exactly as directed by the manufacturer.

Coming to my personal experience, I had been battling erectile dysfunction for a long time. Having been married for a long period of 18 years I loved my wife more than anything else in the world (I still do!). It was extremely frustrating for me to come to terms with the fact that I was no longer performing in bed like earlier. Although my wife had been supportive throughout and exhibited great amount of patience, I could easily make out that her patience was slowly waning and our sex life was rapidly going downhill.

Slowly, things started turning from bad to worse and I started suffering from anxiety attacks due to this problem. Anyone who has suffered the same fate would agree that once you become anxious about your performance in bed, the going is as difficult as it can get. I had lost every bit of confidence and I no longer felt like a real solid man. Slowly, I slipped into depression and this situation started affecting all other major aspect of my life too. All this was happening just because I couldn’t get it up and make it last in bed!

At that point I started my journey of research and consumption of some herbal sex pills. These pills never worked as they had promised and I was all set to give them up soon. Having heard about Dr. Steven Lamm before, I saw him in one of the television adverts, strongly endorsing the VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets. I decided to give VigRX Plus a try as my last hope.

I have no words to explain how glad I am that I did that! At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I would like to state that VigRX Plus changed my life. It turned me from a sexually inadequate person to a rock star in bed! I now experience harder erections that last very long until the time both I and my partner are satisfied. Sex, which had started becoming an anxiety source, now turned into one of the best parts of my daily life!

The powerful blend of natural herbs contained in VigRX Plus are meant to boost a man’s sexual potency and every VigRX Plus pill consists of more than double the amount of herbs contained in other similar products. My sex life has never been this good before! You too can give VigRX Plus a try and benefit from it now!

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VigRX Plus – General Review

What is VigRX Plus?

If you regularly check your emails, you might have lately been receiving several emails and also witnessing television commercials related to male enhancement products such as Viagra etc. What’s even more interesting is that all such products don’t require a medical prescription and can be easily bought online or off-line, something most men would prefer. We all know that Viagra has its own set of negative side effects that have been well-documented on all sorts of mediums. VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets consist of all the herbal ingredients which improve the circulation of blood inside the penile shaft thereby helping in providing better erections at the time of sexual performances. VigRX Plus is meant to provide you with a long, bigger and a lot stiffer penile shaft to tackle problems such as early ejaculation and impotence.

VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets are meant to take you back to your horny days and enhance your sexual interest and intensity to a level you may have never imagined. You no longer have to worry about distancing yourself from your partner owing to your inability to perform well in bed. VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets are shipped to places all over the world including countries in South America, Europe and Asia. The herbal ingredients contained in VigRX Plus tablets are blended in a particular manner that they provide just the right amount of dosage for you to undergo penis enhancement.

VigRX Plus Warranty

When it comes to its promise, VigRX Plus goes all the way out to prove itself as the finest in its category. Such is its success rate that its competitors go to all lengths in providing all sorts of misrepresentations to the VigRX Plus formula. All that VigRX Plus is meant to various provide you with is penis enhancement without causing any negative side effects. Please be assured that it is completely safe and guaranteed to deliver results.

To top it all, it comes with a comprehensive money back guarantee lasting for 60 days. Hence, if you don’t get the desired results from VigRX Plus you can return it within the first 60 days of its purchase without any questions asked. It says a lot about the confidence that the manufacturers of VigRX Plus has in its product.

VigRX Plus Bonuses

Your purchase of VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets comes with several bonuses as well, which are as follows:

–        Completely free of cost instructional DVD

–        Free of cost male penis enhancement Handbook

–        Discounted prices on purchasing additional quantities

–        Free of charge many other bonus products

–        Free of cost quick delivery

VigRX Plus Review Conclusion

As is the case with most of the reliable and safe penis enhancement products, you get to see the best results only after 3 to 4 months of consistent VigRX Plus usage. It is just like working out in a fitness center, wherein if you are regular, you do see some changes in the first few weeks, but the overall outcome takes a minimum of 3 to 4 months of regularity. Go ahead and give VigRX Plus penis enhancement tablets a try right now!

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Pros and Cons of VigRX Plus Penis Enhancement Pills

In this article I will take you through some of the pros and cons of VigRX Plus penis enhancement pills. Let’s get started!

VigRX Plus Pros

Medically proven and clinically tested – VigRX Plus is one of those few male enhancement pills that have been put through thorough clinical trials in order to prove their effectiveness medically. This implies that the manufacturers of VigRX Plus penis enhancement pills spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on getting it clinically tested and approved. This is also one of the reasons why several urologists and medical experts actively recommend VigRX Plus consumption.

All natural ingredients – The most important aspect about the VigRX Plus penis enhancement pills is that they don’t contain any type of synthetic ingredients or hormones. They are completely herbal and natural. Furthermore, VigRX Plus is quite different and unique in comparison to other commonly available male enhancement pills due to its primary ingredient – Bioperine. There is not even one penis enhancement pill brand in the marketplace that consists of this wonder ingredient. This is what sets VigRX Plus apart from all those common supplements.

Quick visible results – Another important advantage of VigRX male enhancement pills is that you will start seeing their visible results soon after starting their consumption.

Comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee – The 60 day money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer of VigRX Plus makes it all the more reason for it to be tried. This implies that the user stands to lose nothing. If the pills don’t work, you can always ask for a refund.

Valuable free of cost bonuses – Who doesn’t like free of cost bonuses?! When you purchase VigRX Plus penis enhancement pills you are given several free of cost bonuses depending on the pack you buy.

Zero side effects – As VigRX Plus consists of all natural ingredients, the user doesn’t need to be concerned about any negative side effects. However, it is important that people consume these pills exactly as instructed by the manufacturer. Furthermore, it is advisable that young men stay away from male enhancement pills since their bodies are still growing and have tremendous scope of experiencing natural enlargement.

VigRX Plus Cons

Available only on Internet – You can buy VigRX Plus penis enhancement pills only via its official website. Although you may still find some people selling VigRX Plus on other websites such as Amazon, eBay etc. there is no guarantee that you will get the genuine product.

No penis enlargement exercises – If you ask most of the people who have undergone successful penis enlargement they will tell you that they combined consumption of such penis enhancement pills with either regular practice of penis exercises or use of some effective penis extender. The VigRX penis enhancement pills don’t come with any such exercises or extender. Although when you purchase VigRX Plus’ Diamond package (featuring one year supply of the pills), you do get information related to certain exercises, but it is quite vague.

All in all, the pros of VigRX Plus penis enhancement pills far outweigh their cons and hence make them an excellent buy for anyone interested in undergoing safe and effective penis enhancement.

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VigRX Plus Ingredients

In this article, I will take you through the ingredients contained in VigRX plus penis enhancement pills.

Ginkgo leaf and Epimedium leaf extract – As per Michael Tierra, ginkgo leaf features excellent antioxidant properties and provides energy boost to the individual. Ginkgo leaves have also been proven to improve the flow of blood, which in case of VigRX plus penis enhancement pills, enhances the blood flow into the penile shaft. Talking about the epimedium leaf extract, it is a type of oil that is created from epimedium pimedium grandiflorum, in other words the goat herb plant. This particular ingredient helps specifically in treatment of conditions related to male reproductive organs, kidneys and liver. It has been in use for long in the traditional Chinese medicine as it stimulates the production of androgen hormones and is excellent at treatment of male impotence.

Bioperine – This ingredient forms the basis of the VigRX plus formula. Bioperine is herbal ingredient created from the black pepper obtained from India and further given the shape of an extract popularly referred to as piperine. Bioperine has undergone clinical tests and has been patented in the US. It is known to improve the nutrients’ absorption when mixed with other nutritional supplements. The presence of Bioperine in VigRX plus penis enhancement pills improves the potency and effectiveness of herbs contained in these pills. Sabinsa, the creators of Bioperine have confirmed the fact that it enhances the absorption of water-soluble and fat soluble selenium and vitamins in the blood.

Puncture vine and damiana – Damiana has long been in use in the form of an aphrodisiac for several decades now. Going by the word of Michael Tierra who authored ‘The Way of Herbs,’ damiana is especially effective in men suffering from low libido. Damiana leaves can either be given the shape of a powder or can be smoked for libido enhancement. As per the Herbal Extract Plus, puncture vine has the ability to enhance the strength and testosterone levels of a man. It can also contribute to impotency reduction and improvement of sexual drive.

Aphrodisiac herbs – many of the herbs that are included in the VigRX plus penis enhancement pills are known to be highly effective aphrodisiacs. They are all known to enhance sexual potency and response. Some of these herbs are catuaba bark extract, muira puama bark extract and saw palmetto.

Asian red ginseng – Variation of the Panax ginseng, the Asian red ginseng is known for its excellent ability to enhance blood pressure and blood circulation. As per Michael Tierra, ginseng is considered as the king of tonics in the Chinese medicine. Please keep in mind that the use of ginseng must be avoided in cases of heart stress or inflammation. Please take a qualified Dr. into confidence prior to consumption of VigRX plus if you are suffering from any heart condition or inflammation.

Hawthorn Berry – This ingredient of VigRX plus consists of large amounts of phytochemicals and naturally occurring chemicals effective in overall health improvement. Hawthorn Berry has also been proven to improve the human body’s circulatory system and maintenance of blood pressure levels by dilation of the coronary blood vessels.

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Although the VigRX plus penis enhancement pills have been created making use of modern scientific methods, their formula is based on an ancient wisdom known to mankind for many centuries.

Men throughout the world have been making use of natural herbs for several thousands of years in order to cure several types of illnesses and maladies, including problems such as sexual dysfunction. In fact, these herbs were the main part of several cultures and the medical knowledge related to them has been regularly passed from one generation to the next all this while.

In the contemporary times people made extensive use of man-made chemical ingredients and in this process we all lost touch with the ancient wisdom contained in natural herbs. However, things have started changing and several new age pharmaceutical drugs are now created from chemical compounds extracted from plants. You’ll be glad to know that most of the cancer treatments have plants at their roots.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that a large number of women and men still rely heavily on pharmaceutical drugs. Although new-age drugs definitely have their own place in medical treatments, many of them feature negative side effects. These side effects are sometimes so bad that their cure is even more difficult than the original illness itself. On the other hand, natural remedies are completely healthy and safe for human consumption.

So, why is it that people often dismiss herbal products as second-grade? One of the reasons behind such treatment meted out to herbal drugs is the fact that herbal industry is not properly regulated and doesn’t come under the purview of government; this results in the presence of many inferior products, sometimes even counterfeits, causing a major dent to the consumer confidence. It is a shame since all such bad products give the entire herbal products industry a bad name.

Moreover, due to the loss of their sales, big corporations producing pharmaceutical drugs are also not the best advocates of herbal medicines. All this doesn’t mean that there is some sort of planned conspiracy against the sale and use of herbal products. However, if you think about it seriously, you will realize that the entire medical fraternity, drugstores and drug companies stand to lose considerable amount of revenue if people start switching to herbal products. This is all the more a possibility since herbal products are healthy, safe and cheap. What more, in many cases they are far more effective than the conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

Nevertheless, people are fortunately beginning to realize and acknowledge the fact that natural/herbal remedies are the best alternative to the conventional medicines. To prove that point, it must be noted that the herbal industry has already started booming in all parts of the world, especially in Europe. Furthermore, the endorsements by renowned personalities such as Dr. Steven Lamm and many other experienced sexual health experts comes as a great boost. VigRX plus has rapidly gained the reputation of being the best penis enhancement pill available in the marketplace. I’m sure it’s at least worth a try!

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